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Bluestacks is   a Popular open Source Software to Install Android Apps on a PC or laptop.Now 1 Million Android Users to Use  Bluestacks to Install android Apps.Now Bluestacks has recently launched Bluestack2 .It is a amazing new Player to Install Android Apps.Now maxic Solutions Provide Simple Steps to Install Bluestacks2

Bluestack need graphics card ..But  Inbuilt Graphics motherboard does not recognize Graphics Card such as i5,i3,i7 these processor support motherboard does not recognize graphics card.Sometime it is possible to update graphics driver it will works for dualcore core2duo

why graphics driver  could not be updated?.

Some Motherboard manufactures stop the old model motherboards and also stops  the drivers for  the motherboard.So far the old types of motherboard   could not to be updated and this may be suitable for old type of graphics card

without  updating  the graphics driver it is possible?..
Exactly we cannot  find but  some times work .So try this and comment it..


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Steps To Install

1.First Install or update Graphics
2.Next Download Bluestack2 Setup Here.


3.Click on Blue stack Setup
4. Please Be Patient to Install Bluestacks2
5.Thats all


If You got Error 25000

  Click Here


If You Want to Install  Graphics

  Click Here







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