Fixing Not a Valid Win 32 application for Windows OS


A lot of time, many applications cause the error or warning message “not a valid windows 32 application”. This may be a many reasons  occur this type of error. Windows errors sometimes take a long time to solve even the internet is found or anything. Maxic Solutions are analyzing this following error and provides some common solutions to protect this type of error in the future

1. Invalid  File

File extensions have to be Changed(eg: .bat to .exe),Recompile the  .exe File 

2. Compatibility

Using a software in different  environments 

For Example: I use 3G Mobile For accessing a Fast Internet. After Some Changes 4G Speed Available for more speed .My Mobile is  3G Only 

4G Mobile Supports Both 3G,4G

3G Mobile Need Upgradation.

Like that same problems occur  Some Windows XP Softwares not Supported in Windows7 or higher

Possible Solution

Try Windows Compatibility mode this may solve the problem


3. Corruption

Files may be corrupt due to malware,threats,viruses,Registry Corrupt

Incomplete File Transfer over the Internet or Offline File Copying(one PC to another PC using USB)

4.Proper Installation

Improper software Installation may be error occurs

Possible Solutions

Reinstall the Software

Search the additional Requirements to Install the Software

5. Not Accessible 

Some File may be not accessible due to some security problems.Some Antivirus or Firewall Does not know unknown files

Possible Solutions:

Add the Files to Trust List(Before adding search or analyze the file is secure)

These are Possible Solutions to solve this error.For more solutions,   search this error on windows forum






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