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Here we are analysts analyze two many remote desktop applications for accessing PC, laptops and mobiles. The remote desktop application is forming IP address transmission between senders and receivers like windows remote desktop. Maxic Solutions had recommended best remote desktop applications for accessing  your computer at anywhere anytime

1. Team Viewer

Use TeamViewer for incoming and outgoing remote connections.

Connect Your Partner PC’s or Server within a few seconds.In Various places around Meetings or Presentation in any time or locations voice and video calls.It’s Free to Use.

Official Site

  Official Site For Download


Easy to Use

Used at Anytime


Once Detected it has been used for commercial Purpose It has blocked

Multiple sessions Must paid

2.Ammy Admin

Ammy Admin is also a remote Desktop support. easy to use and reliable remote computer access tool, enabling users to remotely assist, administer, share desktop and teach, without any installation or configuration required.

  Official Site For Download


Just Download and Use

No Need Installation

File Size too Low Easy to Download

Free to Use


Cons :

Speed Low

Must Buy Multiple Sessions

3.Chrome Remote Desktop Software

Chrome Remote Desktop is also remote Desktop Tool for Efficient Resource sharing between several hosts and applications.It uses adhoc secure network and cross platform portability

Official Site


  • Portability
  • open Source
  • Light Weight
  • Secure


  • Not Efficient to File Transfer
  • Used on Chrome only


AnyDesk is also a Remote Desktop Tool for reliable sharing.DeskRT is added for Video codec Specialty for Reliable Graphics Working along with AutoCAD, ProE, at several locations.It is working based Erlang Based Server and uses TLS 1.2 for secure Transmission

Official Link


  • Lightweight
  • Security
  • Portability
  • Work at Graphics  Based Softwares


  • Not Freeware
  • Freeware only to View

These are Recommended applications to Use

Other Remote Applications







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