Overriding a CSS style rule instead of using inline style



CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet it’s used to customize the website layout and design. Now a days website design needs a responsive layout and faster  page loading. Bootstrap is a good platform for beginners to create a responsive  website  of the lower amount of  CSS styles. Instead using of using bootstrap CSS designers  use a CSS to create a grid system and flex box  need of strong  CSS Knowledge.

In above content  need a little concept to know

What is LESS or SASS?

It is a CSS PREPROCESSOR. When Using C ,C++,Java it used to create a logic.when come to CSS using these above concepts to create a logic and predefined rules or create a own framework in CSS.

CSS Beginners Needs to know Three Types of CSS

1.  External Style Sheet

2. Internal Style Sheet

3. Inline Style Sheet


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<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en”>


<meta charset=”UTF-8″>







style.css(Not work)

p{ color:black; }

Inline Style(work)

<p “color:black”>mobilik</p>

Solution(Without using a inline style)


p{ color:black !important; }

!important is a keyword to override any predefined CSS instead of using Inline Style.







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